martes, 30 de octubre de 2007

My autobiographie

Hi my name is Alexei and i am from Argentina and i am 14 years old. My family comes from russia and the saturdays i go to a russian school tu learn the language and the history.

I go to the scholl colegio armeni de Vicente Lopez ... if you see it`s armenian .... well this colege learn armenian that ho want learn the lenguage ....but i don`t want to learn that languge is like arabian but there a lot of good friends that you can make there. In the scholl we aren't the super population we are (in the middle) 50 of people.

I have 2 sisters , i have mother and father , and I have my pet Drako and my cat Simon ( I don`t like his name), this is a hard family to controlate, my sisters are bigger than me one is in the university and the other one is with me in the house, she always have problems with my mom all the days shouting my dad is selling stamps and my mother cooking and speak in the telephone with his friends. But in good times the house is in silence (for lucky. And I see my sister playing cards with my mother and my father.

I like very much the videgames like half life 2 and play football with my friends. I like to talk with girls ... i don`t now why but i like it. I like to eat chinese food. And making videos on youtube ...well i have one but if you want to see the video ... search alik adventures ...and the first one is my video.

viernes, 3 de agosto de 2007

The Armenian Genocide

In 1915 was the first World War and the Armenians were attacked. 1,5 million of armenians were killed by the Turks. The genocide was in 1915 and finished in 1923.

My Easter

Well I celebrated my Easter in my house with my family on sunday night. I come from a Russian family and we celebrate the easter type russian . We paint eggs (red , blue ,green, etc....) , prepare Russian meals . When we are in the table we eat like pigs .